Tuesday, August 1

bath time

Grandma gave William a bath last night and she gave him lots of play time. He had such a good time! It's a lot more fun now that he can sit up on his own. Oh, and he had another first yesterday, he started clapping his hands on his own. He thinks it's so cool now. He claps at everything!

And he got a "Superyard" yesterday too. Well, actually maybe mom and dad got the superyard! ;) He can scootch around to his heart's content in there and we know he can't get into anything that can hurt him. He's got lots of toys in there and he likes it when we sit in there with him. He played so hard this morning in it, that he just rolled over and fell asleep!


Anonymous said...

The kid is in a prison! The sides of that thing are much taller than I thought they would be. Let the kid roam free you have two eyes.

Anonymous said...

Just kidding sister, I love you!

The Hill family said...

Laura, He IS getting SOOO BIG!!! What a cutie! Seriously, I wish we lived closer, I am taking Noah to a Baby Modeling gathering at the convention center. I am sure William would be signed! He looks so happy! Noah claps too, but only to congratulate himself, ex. throw the remote in the garbage, YEAH (clap hands)!

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