Saturday, July 29


We needed some time out of the house yesterday, so we called Dave and Holley and went bowling. It's been a long time since any of us had been to the lanes and this place smelled surprisingly better than any of us remembered. Anyway, we were all a little rusty and our arms kind of hurt afterwards, but we had fun and some of us made it over a 100. Holley had a bum finger, which wasn't really fair, and Jonathan likes to bowl, but I wouldn't say he's "good" at it... Maybe it was Dave's famous hand drying that put him in the lead. I guess we'll never know, because he won't bowl without doing it! Oh well, William was definitely NOT into bowling. He would cry everytime I got up to take my turn. We couldn't figure it out.

Dave's spare hop

Dave airing his hand

Nice form Jonathan,

but it's more like this...

We did get a few smiles out of him!


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