Tuesday, May 23

I like my new cup!

William is learning how to use his sippy cup, even though he doesn't really like what's in it, whether it's juice or just water. It's funny; he eats mashed up fruit, but he's not too sure about juice. It's a good thing these cups are spill-proof, because he's found that they also double as drums too!

*And just to clarify, he really doesn't sit in that chair all day long; it's just the easiest way to get a picture of him sitting up when it's just me and him at home.


The Hill family said...

What a BIG BOY!!!!!!!! That is so cute!

Katie said...

All I can say is that my nephew is the CUTEST thing I have ever laid eyes on and I miss him like crazy!!!! Good luck with the move and let me know if you guys need anything...Love you

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura, it's your brother. I finally found your blog. Holley and I are looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!! Good luck with the move.

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