Friday, May 19

Making Progress and Mini Mozart

Well, we're getting close... You can see we've got tons packed, but there are still lots of last minute things that will have to wait until Thursday night. Anyway, while I'm packing William is exploring a "new" toy. He's had his piano a while, but only recently figured out that if he pushes the keys it makes noise!

PS - Thanks to Dad Fallin for letting us use this camera! We've been having tons of fun with it! :)


The Hill family said...

Laura! He is getting so big!!! I bet you have your hands full with packing and taking care of him. He's a cutie!

The Aaron Hanke Family said...

That's great, I'm glad William is figuring out his toys. Looks like you are making good progress on the packing. We are too, only 4 days til moving day for us! Check our site out next week i'll try and post pictures of the house.

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