Wednesday, May 31

Home Sweet Home

With the exception of a few boxes that have to go back to storage, we're all settled into our new place, AKA, Mom & Dad's! We're living with my parents for a while until we figure out where we want to live and what we can afford. It was hard enough finding a storage unit in 2 weeks, let alone an apartment! Anyway, even though we're living in someone else's house, we still have more room than we did in our old place; it's great! And Buster loves his new yard! He drinks out of the bird bath, poops in mom's flower beds, and chases bugs. And there are plenty of BIG bugs to chase; the pictures don't do them justice. It's like your side rear view mirrors say, "Bugs in picture are bigger than they appear!"


The Hill family said...

As a mom of a walker (can you believe it!) I see a lot of No no's!!!!! Congrats! Good luck with the home hunting! I know how you feel! God has some place perfect in store for you though!!

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