Tuesday, May 30

A Big Day

So yesterday was my birthday/Memorial Day and to celebrate, we went to a party at our friend Schmo's house. (Well, I'll clarify - William and I partied and Jonathan started work at his new store.) Schmo's great fun and his wife, Belva, LOVES William! We took him swimming for the second time there and I think he finally got the hang of it! He was pretty stiff at first, but he loosened up and then just splashed and laughed!! I think he was putting on a show for the ladies! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Laura, cute pictures of William! Yesterday was a lot of fun. Holley and I are going to go out again when we get back so you and William (and Jon if he's not working) will have to come again too! See you later.

The Hill family said...

He is such a big boy!!!!! Wow! Looks like he had a great time with the ladies!!!

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