Monday, June 28

Tally Trip Pictures

Swimming at the hotel, Friday afternoon. Here is the happy couple, at their rehearsal luau!
Jonathan took the kids exploring towards the lake (at the park where the dinner was) after they ate, which is where William somehow wandered into some kind of poison oak or ivy. Saturday his arm was red, itchy, and swollen, so we ended up with him in the ER later that night. He had also been stung by a wasp the night before, so we weren't sure what was going on with his arm when we arrived that night. Thankfully, after 3 days of meds, his arm was back to normal.
These pics are out of chronological order, but here he is with his bandage.
After the dinner, it was back to work on some special things for the reception...
Here are the helmets I painted...
And here's what the kids were doing while the women worked on the stuff for the wedding.
Here are the 3 musketeers waiting for the wedding to start. Abbey looks thrilled! They actually had fun I'm sure, since they went to play in the nursery with grandpa during the ceremony.
Here are the 'groom cakes' we made for the wedding. Jake is a Michigan fan and Heidi is a 'Buckeye.' My mom baked the cakes, Holley decorated them, and I painted the little helmets. They were DELICIOUS!!!
William and Joey kept pretty close to Grama during the reception, since she was in charge of the good cakes! :)


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