Friday, March 5


This past Monday morning, I decided to just keep Abbey's diaper off after I changed her.  We have been down the potty training road before with her, but it just didn't work - at all!  We had a challenging weekend with her and I'm not sure why I decided to tackle this task, after a rough weekend and on a Monday morning no less, but I did!  I just thought, well, I'll give it a whirl!  I knew it was going to be different this time though, when she sat on the potty without screaming.  When she actually went, it was amazing.  She had a slip up during that first hour going commando, and she also had to realize that she can't stand up while she's still going, but after that, it just clicked! 
So here it is, Friday afternoon and she's had a week without diapers!  It's so exciting!!  We still have to work with her to keep it up while she's got pants on (since she's just been going commando this week mostly), but we're over that first major hurdle!  If she just has underwear on, she takes them off and goes, but for some reason it's different when she has underwear and pants on.  However, we went out this afternoon for a couple of hours and her pull up was dry when we got home!  I was so excited.  Our little girl is doing so well!  We are very proud of her!!
Oh, and do you like her new bangs?  Jonathan tried to help and cut them while she was in the tub.  He forgets that hair gets shorter when it dries!  They're not straight and way too short, but somehow she keeps getting compliments on them.  I'm just thankful that hair grows! :)  


Anonymous said...

Was so glad to see the new addition to the blog. Abbey looks very happy and proud of herself! So nice to hear good news.

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