Sunday, February 14

Hello, goodbye!

We are so thankful to have received a great tax refund this year, which allowed us to get a much-needed, new bed.  When we got married, we slept on the double bed that had been Jonathan's.  Shortly before Abbey was born though, we switched that with an old California King my parents had, which was wonderful, because we had SO much space!!  And space comes in handy when you have a little one sharing your bed most nights!  The thing about that bed though, is that it was probably as old as me, if not older!  And I'll be 30 in 3 months, so it's old...well, at least for a bed! 

Anyhow, we were so excited to get a new bed, but I have to say, it was a little sad to see this one go.  I can't remember all of the times I slept in there when my parents had it.  Many times my dad would be out of town and we would all climb in with mom.  Of course, there were many times when dad was home and I never wanted to sleep in my own bed, so I crawled in there with them too! 

But then, the biggest thing for this bed was that Abbey was born on it!  If you were a blog reader almost 3 years ago, then you'll recall this picture - taken probably about an hour or so after Abbey arrived. 
So, lots of good memories, but it's time to move on! 
So, one last look and then out it goes!  The kids had fun with it! 
And here's our new bed set - from Ikea, of course! We love it!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy a good night's rest on your new bedding! It was a long time coming!

MommyToTwoBoys said...

Wow! She looks like she was a big baby! That must have been amazing to be able to have your baby at home. I had medical issues with both of my boys so it wasn't even close to an option for us.

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