Friday, December 18

William's Christmas Class Party

William's class had their Christmas party yesterday.  William was so excited about it and thankfully, Jonathan was off work, so he could stay home with Abbey while I went to the party.  She was invited to come too, but things were chaotic enough without her there too!  There were 8 adults and a baby there, so we didn't need any additional distractions!  Party days are fun, but it's tough for our little guys to get out of their routines.  So anyway, William was feeling a little puny yesterday and kept telling me he wanted to go home.  He didn't even eat his cookie or cupcake, so you know he really wasn't feeling well!  Anyway, he made it through the day, playing games and he received many presents, so I think he was happy he stuck it out.

My Christmas cutie!!
Posing with Miss Debi
And here with Miss Shadle 
Here he is opening his present from his teachers!  He loves his new tractor!
Diane and Debi were so sweet, they had a present for Abbey too.  She opened hers later at home and here she is showing off her dress up shoes!   The perfect gift for this little shoe lover!!!

Oh, and in case you were wondering what I did with Jacob (the little boy I watch) while I was at the party, well that's another story...  Last Friday I was told that his dad lost his job, so they wouldn't need me anymore.  If you think of it, please pray for their family right now.  Thankfully, Jacob's mom has a good job, so that's a blessing, but it's always tough losing a job, especially right before Christmas.

And please pray for us, since this obviously has a big, negative impact on us too.  Jonathan is still only working part time and without that extra income, (with the exception of our van) we are right back where we started last July when Jonathan lost his job!  We are confident that the Lord has a plan for us through all of this; we just need a little extra patience right now as we continue to wait to see what the next step for us will be! 


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