Wednesday, December 16

Jonathan's Winter Wonderland Roadtrip

Jonathan had a big trip last week, which started out basically as a means to get a vehicle from Michigan to Florida, but really, it turned out to be a lot more.  Everyone was concerned about the weather, because of course, the biggest blizzard (so far) of the season was hitting all of the states he needed to go through.  However, he was able to fly out of Tampa with no problems and arrived in a very cold, but sunny and pretty Minneapolis.  Then after a slight delay with the plane, he took off for the hour-long flight to Hancock, Michigan; which is in the upper peninsula, so not the part that Michiganders can point to, when they show you their hand to show you where they're from...

So anyway, this was last Thursday and the plan was for him to get the van, which was being given to us by my sister and her husband and then get on the road first thing Friday morning.  That didn't happen since the visibility was basically non-existent Friday, so he got to spend the day with our nieces and nephews and had a great day playing in the snow.  He didn't have any boots or snow pants, so needless to say it was pretty chilly and wet, but I think he had a blast!  In the least, it was a brand new experience that otherwise, he would never have had.  This was his first time to experience snow, and being up there for it, it was like being thrown in a pool, when you've never even stuck your toe in the water!  He told me all about snowmobiling and doing donuts in their front yard in Wayne's jimmy, but he didn't get pictures of that.  He was full of stories about being cold, that brought back many memories from my childhood.  The best part of all of his stories, was that he decided it would be so much fun to take the kids up there next year for Christmas!  It's amazing how much more enthusiastic he is about snow (or really anything, for that matter), now that he's tried it for himself!  Guess we better start saving now for our trip! :)  So here are some of his pictures:
Everyone out sledding in the yard

Here is the view from Amy's back porch.   Everything is so pretty with a fresh coating (or you know, 15") of snow!
And this is out their side yard

Their driveway

This next picture is to give you the scale of this tree, which is in the kids' school yard.
More sledding
He looks a little cold, don't you think!? :)  
These were the welcome banners our nieces and nephews made for him.  
I really don't know where he took these pictures and neither does he.  He said he just stopped along the road.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Jonathan made it home safely Sunday night.  The van is wonderful and we are SO, SO grateful to my sister and brother-in-law for everything they did for us!  We love you guys so much!!  Thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pics from Jon's winter wonderland adventure! Was Jon wearing Dad's old winter jacket?? (LOL) We are so thankful that Jon made the trip with ease. We prayed for his safety, as you know...Looks like everyone had a blast in the snow! Enjoy your new vehicle. :)
Love, Mom

Laura said...

Yeah, mom, it's dad's old coat. Isn't it funny seeing Jonathan in it? :) He had so much fun, I'm so glad he had that day to spend with everybody! Glad he's home safe too - can't wait to see you guys next week. I'll take you for a spin in my new ride too! he he he

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