Tuesday, November 3

Trick or Trunk

The kids had their first Halloween experience this weekend.  The church was having a "trick or trunk" event and it was perfect for the kids - we knew most of the people there, it was just up the road, and it offered a few other things besides candy - for free

The kids hadn't really dressed up before and they're usually not big on wearing something that mommy thinks is really cute, so I wasn't sure how this would all go.  I let them play in their outfits before the big night and surprisingly, they were both very cool with it!  However, William was not interested in wearing his little knight's crown, and he kept talking about being a "captain" so we grabbed the pirate hat my sister made for him and he loved it.  He wouldn't take the hat off all night!  He called himself a "pirate captain!"  He got some people asking what he was supposed to be and I said a knight/pirate.  I really didn't care what he was; just happy that he was happy about being something different!

Abbey looked super cute in her little princess/fairy dress I found at Beall's Outlet.  I had the cutest little crown headband for her, but she confiscated William's crown, so that worked.  She looked adorable either way!

When we got there, William was most interested in the inflatable slides and Abbey just wanted to run around.  I was able to take them down the trunk aisle to get some candy, but they weren't too interested.  Abbey kept handing her candy to William!  We found the calf and both kids liked that.  We checked out the motorcycles and even took a hayride.  We ended up back at the slides though and thankfully I had Gail there to help with Abbey while I kept an eye on William.  Jonathan had to work, but he got off and arrived just as I was ready to head out.  It must have been the hottest Halloween...ever!  It was hot and tiresome running after both kids, but they had a great time and I was so proud of them!  We definitely had a fun evening! 


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