Saturday, October 31

William's Fall Fest

William's class had a little "non-party" yesterday at school.  You can't call it a party, because they're only allowed 2 parties a year!  At least, that's what his teacher said!  So, anyway, I was able to be there for some of it and we had such a great time.  He has a great class of kids and it was nice to meet some of the moms too!  As soon as I arrived, I was asked to read a story to the kids.  About 5 books later, we moved on to play some games!
    They started out with "musical pumpkin", 
then a ring toss, which ended up being more of a "ring drop,"

and then they learned how to say "trick or treat" and I played the lady at the door.  They came to my door over and over until everyone got a chance to knock and say the magic words.  

After "tape the nose on the pumpkin", the kids sang and danced for us!  It was so cute!  I got some video of it, which I'll have to edit and upload later.  Anyway, then they had a special lunch and lots of yummy treats.  We had to get going, so we took a treat to go.

This is William and Miss Debi, his para.  She's so fun!
Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

What fun! Looks like you found a REAL Blue Ribbon school for William! (lol)

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