Wednesday, October 21

Our New Buddy

A few weeks ago, I started watching a sweet little boy during the week. He is the son of my friend, Annie. He is just a few months older than Abbey and his older brother is just a few months older than William, so when the 4 of them get together, they have a ton of fun! Everyday, I hear from William, "I wanna go to Jake's house!" And when we are there and have to go home, I hear, "I wanna stay at Jake's house!" It's such a blessing for William and Abbey to have sweet little friends. Plus, it's nice for me to be able to see a friend of mine everyday. We really thank the Lord for good friends! Here are some pictures of the kids and a few of our 'adventures' together.

Feeding the ducks and swans at Lake Morton
Playing inside...
and in Hershey's crate!
Abbey loves the piano at Jacob's house!
William's home - time for a snack


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