Saturday, October 3

Just a Little October Goodness

Last night Jonathan and I were outside working on the car, while Ed was working on his motorcycle. And of course, the kids were outside playing when Abbey decided she wanted to help Papa. He gave her some tools and she got right to it! Her little fingers were black and she was a mess, but she was proud of herself! It was too cute! She did a good job too - no scratches! William got in on the "helping" action with his wrench too! I know we were probably getting in the way more than we were doing Ed any good, so we appreciate his patience with us! :)
Now these pictures just crack me up! William kept wanting to go outside with Ed this afternoon, and when I last checked on him, he was walking out to the shop, gameboy in hand. Well, this is how he ended up a few minutes later...

At least he knows enough to sit down and find the shade! :) Smart kid!


Anonymous said...

I especially love the pic of William peeking through the wrench! Ed deserves a medal for his patience. :)

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