Sunday, September 20

Papa & Gaga weekend

This weekend my parents, aka Papa & Gaga (that's what William decided to call her, all on his own) came down for a visit. It was nice for us, since we haven't seen them since we moved. It was nice for them too, because it gave them a little break from the stresses of the school year. We shopped, ate out, took the kids to some parks and just had one of those fun weekends!

The kids love the fountains at Barnett Park! It took them a little while to get involved, but once they did, they were all over it!

Mom and I came back to the house after Barnett Park so the kids could get a nap and we could work on some computer stuff. This is how William finally conked out! We went back to their hotel yesterday, to enjoy some free breakfast and then took the kids out to Lake Bonny Park. They had such a great time - Abbey would swing all day long, if you'd let her!

Papa got on the bouncy thing and really got it moving! The kids just laughed and laughed!
Abbey wouldn't participate in a group shot, little stinker!
Abbey was trying to walk just like Papa, it was so cute.
Thanks Papa and Grama for such a fun visit! We love you!


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