Wednesday, August 26

One Week Later

Well, it was about this time one week ago that we arrived in town. We've come a long way these past 7 days. By last Friday, we had our rooms set up and the storage unit loaded. Sunday was a great day at our old church and we had lunch with a friend who has had 2 liver transplants. He has been a great encouragement and help to Jonathan through his whole kidney ordeal. Today, we got word on what school William will attend, and Jonathan got his first unemployment check. Jonathan will be starting back with Publix next week, which is a great blessing. It will only be part time, but it's a start and a way to work his way back up in the company.

The kids are loving their "new house." They have adjusted well so far and we're thankful for that. I was able to visit my friends at LCS yesterday and that was a great encouragement to me. There are so many good people here that care about us and it reaffirms that we are where we need to be, even under difficult circumstances. Our 'challenge' remaining for the week is to find enough Cellcept for Jonathan to last until the end of the month. Our insurance ran out last Friday and he only has enough medicine to last until this Friday - as in 2 days from now! So, it's a little scary, because his body will start to reject his kidneys without this drug, but we are trusting the Lord to provide exactly what we need. Even if it comes at the last minute, the Lord has proven Himself so faithful that we are not worrying, just trusting!

So thank you everyone for your continued prayers, offers of help, and well wishes. We are so grateful to all of you and especially to our amazing God, who never lets us down!


Anonymous said...

What is last minute to us is right on time to God. His timing is not ours. He has brought you this far I'm sure he will provide.

Aunt Pam :)

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