Friday, April 24

Field Trip! Back to the Museum

William's class took a short trip back to the Tallahassee Museum yesterday. Their 5th grade reading buddies were going to the Mag Lab and since the museum is just down the road, his class shared the bus and got a chance to get out of the classroom for a bit. I had an early morning with Abbey already planned, but I was able to finish that just in time to get to the school before his class was about to load up. It was so fun riding on the bus with the little guys. This bus had seat belts, which I had never seen in a bus before, and every little guy had to be strapped in. This bus also had air conditioning, which was wonderful, especially while we were waiting for the big kids at the lab, since they weren't exactly ready to leave when we arrived. Man, buses have come a long ways since I used to ride in them at school! :) Anyhow, I didn't get a lot of pictures since I had a lot of keeping up to do! Keeping tabs on 11 special needs kiddos in an uncontrolled environment is a lot of work! We had 6 parents though and a helper, so that was great and I know his teacher was appreciative that we all could be there. So here is a little self portrait we took in the bus right before take off. William's class had been playing outside when I arrived, so he was all sweaty and hot, but so excited to go on the bus!
We stayed on the animal side of the place, since it was farm day and there were lots of classes in other areas of the museum. I was a little hesitant to be back in the animal place, since we had the incident with the bobcats the last time we were there, but thankfully I didn't even see them this time! Most of the big cats were asleep!

Here are William and his friend Ryker, trying to be bats! Ryker said 'take my picture', but he didn't get his face in place at the same time as William! He's such a nice, cute kid. I know William will miss him next year, since he's moving up to kindergarten. :(

So we saw the animals, had a nice lunch outside, and then got to spend some time at the train before the bus arrived. The kids LOVE the train! The little guys were inside, knocking on the windows, saying "Hi William's mom!" It was so cute! William got himself up onto the high seats in the caboose and found me outside. I just didn't the camera to work when he was waving. Oh well, we had a fun day!


Anonymous said...

Hey sis, I love the pic of you and William sitting on the bus! His smile cracks me up. Glad you guys had a fun time together

Collins Family said...

That is a really cute picture of the two of you!!!! Looks like he had a good time :-)

Papa said...

William still loves that Caboose!

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