Tuesday, April 14

Easter pics on parade

Here are some of the pictures we took on Easter Sunday.

We got one picture of Abbey with a bow in her hair, but as you can see, she wasn't happy about it. It lasted maybe 7 seconds and then it was out.

Me and the kids...Take 1

Take 2...after I told William he could play golf if he said "cheese"

Then Jonathan handed William the camera and told him to take our picture.
Take 1...

Take 2 - pretty good huh!?

2 cheeseballs and my binky girl

I followed them around the room until they stopped moving, trying to get a full shot of both of them. This is pretty good, even though they aren't looking at me. But what did I expect, Thomas was on TV!

Here's my cutie at church

And here's Abbey's class starting their Easter egg hunt.
My friend, Claramae and I hid all the eggs in the rooms the night before, after the Passion Play.

Little Rose, she's such a sweet girl!

Abbey didn't pay much attention to the eggs, but she did enjoy the toys in the baby nursery!

William and his friend, Stryder in their little suits! So cute!!


Anonymous said...

Everyone looks lovely in yellow! (Looks like William has a future in photography!) Thanks for posting the pics.

JanMary said...

I love all your coordinating Easter outfits. Our church is more informal, and we would only be so "dressed up" for a baptism or a wedding!

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