Tuesday, March 10

William's ABC song

Tonight, while William was building towers, he started singing the "ABC" song. It was the cutest thing as it came out of nowhere and he was doing so well with it! I heard every letter, plus he sang the bit at the end! He caught my eye near the finish of the song, which was teared up by then, and ran and gave me a big hug! I was so proud of him and he knew it! He was quite proud of himself too! Of course, I didn't get it on camera, so I asked if he would sing it again for me. He gave it a good shot, but it wasn't as good as before. That's OK; I know how good it was and so does he, and that's all that matters... Anyhow, this is his second version, with a little prompting from me. Unfortunately, my phone was ringing at the end, so we didn't get a complete version either. Oh well!


Anonymous said...

oh Laura good for him!!! He did such a good job!!


JanMary said...

Great accents - from both of you!

Like your phone ring tone too!!

The pic on my header is from near our cottage on the north coast of Northern Ireland, just beside Dunluce Castle.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you, William! Keep up the good work.

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