Sunday, March 15

A 'Green' Afternoon at Grama's House

We spent most of this past Saturday at my parent's house. I needed to go through Abbey's bigger clothes (that are stored there) and we wanted to spend some time with mom and dad. Even though we live in the same town, we don't see them very often because of everyone's very busy schedules. That, and it's like a 30 minute drive between our houses, since we live on opposite sides of town. Anyhow, it's always nice to be out there and the kids always have a lot of fun as well. Grama had some fun 'green' ideas for our day, which included shamrock cookies to make with William and lime sherbet!

William was a big help putting the cookies onto the cookie sheet. He didn't quite understand that they spread out in the oven, and that they needed a bit of space between them!

They're just cookies from a package, but they're so pretty and quite tasty! :)

And here's our green "ice cream" as William called it - yum!! Below is the cute little cup Abbey ate her sherbet out of. Perfect for the occasion!

William didn't want to eat any cookies, but Abbey knew better than to pass one up! She's my girl, all right! :))


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