Monday, March 23

A Bit of New Stuff

It's been a busy and bummer week. I've been sick all week and even though I've felt terrible, there's still been a lot to do and get through. I wish I could say that I'm feeling great and the sickness is behind me, but that's just not the case. I'm hoping to get enough rest over the next few days though, so that I can enjoy the time with my brother's family when they come up at the end of the week. Plus, William's spring break is next week and we have some big things planned for that time, so this flu has got to go and soon! Abbey's doing better though, so we're thankful for that!

Well, I thought I'd try to catch up on a few things. Our days have recently become very full with lots of "goings on" and I wish I could share what it's all about, but since I can't, you'll have to settle for the leftovers. :)

In potty training news, William has been using the little potty on a regular basis and even tells us that he "wants potty!" He will sit on the big one, even at church, but he has yet to do anything while he's there. And he doesn't always go when he tells us he wants to go, and sometimes he's already gone, but we're making progress!

And thanks to our tax return, we were able to get the kids a bed set that would accommodate both of them and our small space. We got the bed frame 2 weeks ago, but Abbey couldn't use it until the bed rails came today. We got it all set up this afternoon and so far, she likes it! We are happy for her to be sleeping on a real mattress again, rather than just the hard pack n' play board, but we'll see how she does all through the night. I expect she'll be up & out of bed, a few times over the next few nights, but I'm hopeful she'll catch on quickly. She's a lounger, like her dad, so that will hopefully work to our advantage! :) It's time for her to be in a big bed anyways, since she has now started climbing out of the pack n' play altogether.

And I had to include these pics, because they were just too funny. Abbey loves to drape anything around her neck - you've seen it - towels, dirty clothes, anything she can get her hands on. Well, today she found something new! Jonathan thinks she was trying to be like Wall-E! :)

Oh and I had to share that I won a prize from the St. Patrick's day blogging carnival I took part in! It was really exciting to hear that I had won, because I usually have the worst luck. When I receive my gift, I'll be sure to share it on here! I'm really looking forward to it! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey! Do you have any idea what you won from the St. Patty's Day contest??? Congratulations on winning, but those of us with curious minds want to know what you won.:)Mom

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