Thursday, March 5

Battle of the Hair Bands

I'm not sure why, but Abbey is totally opposed to having anything in her hair. She is obviously very cute (IMHO), but she would look even cuter (if that's possible) with little pigtails! I've got every kind of hair accessory available for her. And I've tried to pull her hair back before, but she always throws a terrible fit when I do and pulls everything out within seconds. Well, I won the fight today, if only for a few minutes. If you look past the the tears and her terribly runny nose, you'll probably agree that pigtails are a good look for her!


Angela said...

Oh my word, she is so cute! I hope she gets used to it, cause she is over the top adorable.

Anonymous said...

I agree, she looks good with her hair in pigtails. This maybe one of those battles you may want to wait on. She'll come around.

Aunt Pam :)

JanMary said...

Oh so sweet - even if she does not agree! My girls go through phases of wanting plaits and pony tails, and not.

As they are at school, the rule in our house is that is must be tied pack or cut short for school, and they can wear it down at the weekends and after school.

They love their hair long, so they agree to having it tied back!

Jenieshell said...

I've known other girls that do the same thing!! She sure does look cute even with her big old teary eyes!!

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