Monday, February 9

William's first school scuffle

Apparently William and another kid got into a little disagreement over a train set at school and William got whacked. I don't know all of the details yet, since the accident report is coming tomorrow and Jonathan picked him up today and isn't good with remembering all of the details. I don't know what the other kid looks like; I'm just happy that this isn't any worse, considering it's so close to his eye!


Jen said...


I am glad you are able to use my templates!! I just love creating them but can't use them all for my blog!!

Sorry to hear about William's scuffle!! Unfortunately it's probably not going to be his last!!


Anonymous said...

Yup--I'd like to see the other guy! (Poor, William.) Hope he'll want to go back to school tomorrow...Life certainly has it's challenges!

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