Saturday, February 14

V-Day stuff

Here are pictures of some of our Valentine's Day activities so far. William helped me make heart-shaped beads a while back and we put necklaces and valentines together for the cousins in Michigan. Oh, and for the grandmas too. I can say that now, since they already got them! :) We also made cute Valentines for his teachers, but we didn't get a picture of those. That bugs me because they were really cute too. Oh well.

This is William with his new Wall-E shirt. Take note grandparents, his favorite character probably isn't his Thomas anymore, although it's a close second. :)

Here he is checking out his goodies from school, with a little help from Abbey, of course. His class had a little get together and we brought in some treats for it, but it wasn't a thing where parents came, so no pictures from that.

And I don't know if you saw these in the stores too, but I found small Russell Stover chocolate boxes that said "Fallin 4U" on them. We thought they were so funny and bought quite a few of them to hand out! (For those readers who don't get the humor, that's our last name on there, although it's pronounced differently than how you would say it on the box.) Jonathan got the kids Disney princess & Wall-E blow-up punching bags, since they were on a clearance at Publix. However, we have yet to open those up...if ever. Maybe we'll bring them to Lakeland with us? :) Anyhow, here is Abbey in her v-day shirt.

We hope all of you have a very happy Valentine's Day!


JanMary said...

Lovely pics and activities.

Here Valentines Days not a big thing unless you are in a relationship. Not really something the kids do at school, or get presents for - although I am sure my kids would love it!

Anonymous said...

Valentine exchange was always so much fun in grade school! I can remember decorating large envelopes or shoe boxes a week before the event; we always had cut out hearts and doilies, and glued them on with white paste. (Remember how it smelled?) Opening our "V-Mail boxes" at our party was the BEST. I think that William made fond memories this year, too.

Jen said...

Sounds like your family had a great Valentine's Day!! Thanks so much for the kind words you left on my blog and most importantly the prayers! They mean more to me than I can express!!


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