Saturday, February 21

The Rest of the Story...

Joey and I had fun playing at his house while Mom, Dad, and sister were at the hospital. It was chilly Friday morning, so I had to dress him up a bit to play out on his patio. He didn't mind though. He insisted that his hood be up too!

We took a walk that afternoon and had to stop for a few self portraits! :)

Joey is a great little walker; he stays right with you and points all sorts of interesting stuff. They live on a nice, long, flat road with very few houses on it, so it's a perfect place for walks and bike rides!

Thankfully, Saydie was cleared to come home after only one night in the hospital! I know Dave and Holley were happy to be in their own beds and Joey was happy to have mommy and daddy back!

This is Joey's chair, really. If you sit in it, he pushes you out of it! He's strong, so he can do it too! His favorite thing to do is sit in there and watch CARS!

Saydie's getting some use out of the pink bouncy seat we got for Abbey. Dave calls it "the egg." On our way to the hospital, Thursday night, Joey and I stopped at Publix to get some balloons and flowers for Holley. I had a whole little balloon bouquet, but the security guard at the hospital informed us that the plain pink ones couldn't come in, because it was a "latex-free zone!" Hadn't heard of that before, but needless to say those extra balloons were a waste of money! Oh well. I included the flower picture because I thought mom would like to see what we picked out.


JanMary said...

Never heard that about certain balloons not being allowed in hospital! My dh is a neonatologist here in N Ireland so I must ask him if it is the same.

Lovely family pics.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the two of you shared some quality time together! Cute pics of you and Joey.

The flowers are beautiful, Laura. Thank you for getting them for Holley. I'm sure she is enjoying them.

Luv U,

obtw--I love your blog's new look. Very Irish looking...

soccerkcs said...

Tell Dave and Holly congrats from me! That's awesome!

Take care,

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