Friday, December 19

Christmas "eve"

We had our own Christmas Eve last night. The kids and I are leaving town tomorrow, so we are having our own Christmas a little ahead of schedule. We read the Christmas story to the kids and let them open 1 present. I brought down our little nativity and tried to make everyone in the story come alive by using the little characters. William knows who Baby Jesus is and can say His name. And even though he can't tell us everything about it yet, we continue telling him who Jesus is, why He came, and that He is the true reason for Christmas.

William was so funny; he pulled out baby Jesus and kissed him. He also put on his Christmas necklace for the occasion! (It's funny the things he decides to do these days!)

Abbey put the holy family, the angel, the animals, and the wise men all into the manger.
William showing off their new Thomas movie.
Then she'd take them out and start all over. She was proud of herself!


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