Sunday, October 26

Weekend out

We decided to follow Mom and Dad out of town this weekend. They were getting away and we thought we might go too! We packed up and headed to Panama City Beach. We knew of a place that has a little train (ride) and that was first on our list to do, well, after lunch of course! There wasn't much room in the little cars and it wasn't cheap, so the boys watched and took pictures while mom, the kids, and I rode. It was fun!

After the car ride, lunch and the train ride, it was time for the kids to have a nap, so we got into our hotel early (thankfully) and took a much-needed rest. After a few hours, we got together with Mom and Dad and had dinner, then went to the beach. We got there just at sunset and the view was so gorgeous! My pictures don't do it justice, but I took some anyways. Abbey was loving the waves, but William took some convincing just to get onto the sand. It was quite funny, when he finally neared the water, he was pulling Abbey back so she wouldn't get wet! The sun went down quickly and it was getting chilly, so it was just a quick visit, but so worthwhile!

We were in PCB a year ago August, and stopped at the same beach, incidentally. To see how things have changed in a year, you can go here.

Dad was helping William focus :) The kids love playing on and with the luggage cart!


Papa said...

It looks like Abbey is the brave one and William is busy being the cop. It is so funny seeing them react to the surf. I am glad that you were able to get away.

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