Tuesday, September 9

Weekend in Central Florida - part 1

We took off and headed South this past weekend.  We wanted to get out of town and we decided to go this weekend since we could also attend Jonathan's Aunt Linda's surprise birthday party.  That's the easiest way to see the most people since they're all in 1 spot at 1 time!  That was a lot of fun, especially since Aunt Linda was actually surprised!  It was at their house in Orlando and they have a beautiful pool and a big trampoline.  Jonathan got Abbey into the pool without any problems.  William really didn't want much to do with the pool, other than to just run around it.  He much preferred the trampoline!  He bounced and bounced, with only a few minor face-plants mostly caused by his dad! 

This is how the little kids ended their time at the party - by watching Nemo.  They were quite worn out and in need of a nap!  The big kids were still going strong out at the pool!  


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