Saturday, August 30

Random moments from this past week

Abbey and I found some good deals at the store this week.  It's annoying how every Walmart in this town is set up differently and even though we couldn't find what we were looking for at one of them, we did happen upon a clearance aisle.  They had all sorts of things marked way down and I found a new toy for both kids.  Abbey got this new gear thing, which she's just fascinated with, and William got a little train stop for his set.  But he prefers the gear thing too!  

This is William Thursday morning.  He had to wear his hat to school this day.  I thought Dad might take it off and leave it in the car, but when I went to pick him up that afternoon he was wearing it again - backwards, of course!  

Here is Abbey checking out her birthday book.  She was so excited to see herself on the cover and pages of a real book!  I collect those pampers points and used them to create a book all about her first birthday.  It's awesome, it was easy to make, and it only cost me shipping!  I used points to get 200 free prints too.  Gotta love those points!!  :))

This is William after his first full week of school.   He brought home one of those book order forms and of course, we found some good things to order. :)  I also had him bring home his blanket and pillow for a wash.  He LOVES his stuff and set up a little spot for himself right on the floor. 


Angela said...

Charles loves to wear his hat backwards too! Must run in the family.

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