Sunday, August 10

Blogging Blahs

So, I haven't been very motivated to put anything up on the blog lately, for lots of reasons.  There's been plenty going on, but just stuff that I'm not going to share with the world, at the moment.  The kids and I have been sick and hopefully we're going to be over these summer colds soon.  (You gotta love taking a healthy kid to the doctor and coming home with a sick one!)  We also have a big week ahead of us, with some decisions to make and changes that could be coming.  When we get through some of these things and see how they turn out, I'll be sure to put up some updates.  In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the kids in Abbey's bed...a.k.a. Mom & Dad's pack n' play.  Our crib has been passed along to Katie and Mike for their little one coming next year!  


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