Wednesday, July 9

Thankful for a cool place to stay on a warm day

That's what we were yesterday when we arrived home from Mom and Dad's only to find that our a/c wasn't working.  It's not a good feeling when it's 85 degrees outside and it's even hotter when you walk through your door!   While Jonathan was in Tampa for work, the kids and I stayed at Mom and Dad's.  We had some projects to work on and of course, the kids love all the room to play there.  Anyway, it was pretty frustrating packing everything up and driving all the home only to put everything back in the car, drive all the way back out there and then unload everything again.  It was worth it though and we were thankful to have a nice, cool place to stay.  I stayed pretty busy this trip, so I didn't get much video, but I did get Abbey doing some new things.  She's been taking more and more steps on her own, but I have yet to get them on camera.  I've also gotta get her Mowgli walk on here too.  It's just hilarious!  You'll know why we call it that when you see it!  

I don't think we can call this William's scooter any more!

This is William's masterpiece - he would add more each day

Abbey found this bear in a chair and claimed it for her own.  It actually belonged to my grandma during her last days, so it's sweet that Abbey is loving on it now

Abbey's helping William go!  


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