Friday, July 4

Home Again, Home Again

Well, our kids are back and it's good to have the whole family home again.  We certainly enjoyed having some "time off" though.  Jonathan's been working on a 2000 piece puzzle of the Last Supper and I was able to complete (we're talking journaling and everything) 50 pages in my scrapbooks.  It was nice both of us working on our things and just having some peace and quiet.  We've never been away from the kids that long and I kind of had a melt-down coming home to their empty room that first night, but the next day was better.  I have to say 6 days of no diapers and potty-training was wonderful!!  We have to say a HUGE thank you to Ed and Gail for giving us a break and taking good care of the kids for us!  

And William and Abbey had a great time with them and we have lots of pictures to prove it.  We also got good reports on their behavior and William's potty training.  He went everyday in the potty, so that was good news!  They love playing with (a.k.a. bothering) Hershey, Papa's dog, and of course, William never goes anywhere without a "choo", so he brought all of those along, plus he got some new ones and a track too!    

Oh, and we came home with the wonderful, huge, toy chest Ed built for the kids.  We'll put some pictures of that up soon.   We've also got some video of Abbey walking and pushing her toy around the house, so I'll work on getting that up too.  

So it's basically back to normal around here and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Jonathan is back to work on Monday and that's a huge blessing.  The Lord has been so faithful and gracious through this past month - we're so thankful for His provision each day.  We look forward to a new month now and pray for His continued guidance and provision.  We've come through a lot in this past year, let alone this past month, but the days ahead are full of uncertainties and we will continue to try to trust the Lord with all our hearts and ask for His continued blessings on us and all of our family and friends each day.  


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