Monday, June 9

Monday Update

Well, we were back in Gainesville this weekend.  It's only a 2 hour drive, but it gets very tiresome when it's your 3rd time making it in a week!  Since I'm the one who's driving, I'm especially glad it's done! :)  It was a good visit though.  We were there for Jonathan's first post-transplant clinic visit this morning.  He will have clinic visits twice a week for about a month and thankfully the one on Thursday & Friday is here in town!  We went down last night and Jonathan's parents met us there to help with the kids and everything.  That was such a blessing, because I couldn't have done it without them!  

So, his appointment went really well.  His creatinine level was down to 2.2, his incision is healing beautifully, and the surgeons couldn't be happier with how he's recovering.  I guess you could say Jonathan is a poster child for a kidney transplant!  We're just thankful that everything is going so well.  Of course, he has caught the kids' cold, but it's just more of a nuisance than anything else.  The kids are still snotty and coughing, but thankfully I haven't gotten it...yet.  I know it's coming, it's just a matter of time!  

So it's 'kind of' back to normal this week; I've got an appointment with Early Steps for William Thursday morning (after Jonathan's labs) and then William will have speech therapy on Friday (before Jonathan's clinic visit).  It will be nice to get back into our old routine, but a wonderful, notable difference will be the absence of dialysis!  Can't say any of us will miss that!!  


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