Friday, June 6

The Bruise

Jonathan wanted me to put this picture up. We guess he got this bruise from the many shots they gave him.

He's doing well today. Just getting tired of the sitting around - and it's only day 1! However, once he gets up, he's only up for a few minutes and then he's all worn out. The kids are happy and hopefully on the mend. Their coughs are better and they took good long naps this afternoon, so that's a blessing. Well, my friend is at the door with dinner, which is another blessing, so I'm going to go eat! :)


Angela said...

Jon, you look great! We are thinking about you and praying for you. You and Isabella have the same size kidneys! :-)
Laura, keep up the good work of taking care of everyone. You have your hands full. Don't forget to ask for help when you need it.
Kids, get well soon! Your Daddy needs to see you both playing and acting normal, it's the best medicine Daddy can get right now. Be good for your Momma too.

Love, Angela

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