Tuesday, June 24

What's Going On

Things have been pretty non-eventful around here lately, which is ok with us! Jonathan went to the doctor this morning and had the remaining staples pulled out. That made him happy. Plus, Dr. Doll also said he could do all the driving he wants, which made us BOTH happy, so it was a good visit! We're still waiting on the numbers from the lab, but we anticipate everything to continue to be on the right track.

It looks like we're going to get a little down time before we head South for a while. We're going to meet Ed and Gail this Friday and they'll watch the kids for a few days. It will be a good opportunity for Jonathan to hopefully shake off the last of his cold, and a nice break for me and my back. We're not in the habit of pawning our children off and I know we'll miss the kids terribly and probably end up bored out of our heads, but a little time off will do us both good.

It will be interesting to see how William does for his grandparents with his potty training. We're getting him in the habit of sitting on the potty and wearing training pants. He likes to come and tell me "pee" or "poo", but it never happens before the fact. We don't have unrealistic expectations of him mastering the potty any time soon, but we're just getting him acclimated to doing what big boys do. If he does get the hang of it soon, that will just be a bonus! :)

So, it looks like we'll be spending some time in central Florida again since Jonathan will be going back to the office in Tampa before he gets back on the road by himself. Dr. Doll didn't give him clearance to go back alone as soon as we were expecting, but better safe than sorry! We don't mind really. We always have so many friends and family to see when we go south and we rarely get to see everyone in one visit, so this should give us ample time to see everyone - finally! I hope I can even make it down to see Dave's family and their new house too!

Well, the kids have been in the habit of making a huge mess of things lately and I caught them in the act the other day. Abbey loves to sit right in the dirty clothes bin and drape clothes over herself and William was climbing the crib. (It's probably a good thing it's going for its conversion into a big bed soon, since Abbey has become quite the little monkey.) Additionally, they had thrown every toy out of its container, so things were just strewn everywhere! (We can't wait for the toy chest Papa Ed is making for the kids - it's going to be SO nice and much better than baskets everywhere!!) It's so funny because then the next night William pulled everything out of the closet, but did it in an orderly fashion. You just never know what you're going to get with these two!


Angela said...

Please feel free to come see us in O-Town when Jon feels better.

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