Tuesday, May 13

New stuff

Well, Abbey's finally getting her 2 bottom front teeth in. They look like they're coming in at the same time! She'll be so cute with some little chompers! I haven't been able to get a picture of them yet, but I'm working on it. Even without teeth, she's eating table food like a champ! It's so nice to be done with the baby food! She loves her cup and once our supply of bottle liners runs out, she'll be off of a bottle! It's sad to see your little ones grow up, but at the same time it's nice for them to be a little more independent!
William's doing great. Lately he's become very interested in trains and even when he's playing with his cars, he makes them into a "choo choo." He loves our latest craigslist find - a little tikes climbing toy & slide. His slide at Grandma's house is twice as tall, but we're both fine with it, especially since I don't worry as much about him on this one! He's very eager to share it with Abbey and wants her to go "whee" on it.

Abbey didn't get to go out this night though Here she is watching us at the window.

We brought out one of the little pools the other day and made the new toy into a water slide! William's skin is pretty sensitive so he always wears a shirt with his shorts, which really weighs him down. Just today he got a present from Aunt Amy in the mail - new Lands' End SPF 50 trunks and a swim shirt to match! I can't wait to get him back out there so he can wear his new duds! Thanks, Amy, they're so nice!!
I had to get in first to convince him it wasn't too cold! It was refreshing! :)
Basically, William would be outside all day long if we let him! I often open up the gate and let him play outside the fence in the big yard beside and behind our place. He runs his mower all over and then gets in the wagon and waits for a ride. We can't make it through a day without a wagon ride! It's kind of a nightly thing now.
Well, we didn't do anything for our anniversary yet, but we're taking care of that next weekend. We're going out of town, but it's yet to be determined where we're going to go exactly. Mother's Day was nice, even though it was busy. Both Jonathan and I worked in the nursery during church, since the regularly scheduled ladies didn't want to be in there. It was a bit crazy, of course, like any holiday Sunday, but afterwards Mom and Dad brought dinner over and we had a nice lunch at our house. None of us wanted to fight the crowds at a restaurant. And Jonathan surprised me by getting Abbey's picture taken the day before. I only have b&w proofs at the moment, but they're going to be so adorable! I've wanted her picture taken in a certain outfit before she outgrows it and he got her in there just in time! They're going to be SO CUTE!! Anyway, kids are up and I have to get dinner going...


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