Saturday, May 17

Airfest 2008

This afternoon we went to a thing called "Airfest" at the Tallahassee Airport. It wasn't a full scale air show, but it was fun with lots of booths, smaller planes, and helicopters to look at. They even had old WWII fighter plane demonstrations and for $950 you could take a ride in one! As you can imagine, none of us went for a ride! Helicopter rides are only $25 so maybe we'll go back tomorrow and take one of those! Anyhow, it was pretty fun just to do something different and we knew William would enjoy the planes. Actually, his favorite was a helicopter used in Vietnam. I think every kid in the whole place went through that thing! Oh, and he liked the DHL plane that was there; I think since it was the biggest one in the whole place! When he's a little bigger it will be fun taking him to a real air show. I have a lot of fond memories from all of the airshows we visited across the country when I was a kid. I'm sure he will grow up to have some of that Foraker fascination with aircraft, especially with Grandpa around. (He was already there when we arrived!) We couldn't get him to sit still or smile for a picture. When he had the opportunity to actually sit in some of the planes, he realized it was a lot more fun thinking about being in there, than really being in there! Oh well, he liked running around and only fell once, right before we left. All in all, a good afternoon.

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