Monday, April 28

William update

We got William's allergy test results back and found that he's allergic to gluten, whole wheat, spelt, other grains and more mildly allergic to dairy.  So, this means some big changes around our house!  For pasta, bread, and cheese lovers like us, thankfully there are lots of substitutes out there, so we can still eat our favorite things!  However, it's next to impossible for him to eat out or eat ready-made things and we can't go food shopping just anywhere now.   Thankfully, there are many good natural/health food stores in Tallahassee, even Publix has a great selection of stuff, plus there's a whole GF food mall online.   

My network of friends in similar circumstances is growing and it's such a blessing to be connected with people going through the same kind of hardships.  Try as they might, people who don't have kids or family with problems like this can't fully appreciate what you go through with all of this stuff; so it's really encouraging to me (as the mom who has to do most of the hard stuff) to have somebody to talk and relate to!  So that piece of the William puzzle has been found, but we're still working on the big picture.  He has some big tests coming up next month, so we'll see how those go.  


Josh & Annie Hill said...

Wow! Well, it's a good thing that you got him tested! Noah eats five things and of those 5 things, all of them William would be allergic too. It must be so hard to have a toddler who can only eat specific things. I will pray for you friend that this will be an easy transition. Wow what a year it has been for your family!

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