Sunday, April 27

Life at our house

Here's our silly girl playing in the dirty clothes...  It's not the easiest thing having a "baby-proof" house when you have a 2-year old!  It's a good thing she's a tough little nut.  I've lost count of the things she's pulled onto herself.  She has a permanent bruise on her forehead, although it switches sides from week to week. 

We got William a bubble blower one evening, which also happened to be the same night that Jonathan brought him a new hat from work.  He put that hat on backwards and ran his new mower all over the house!  We moved it outside the next day... kind of made the floor all wet!

William builds a fort everyday with an air mattress we have blown up.  He puts it up against anything, usually our bed, and then he and Abbey play under there.  

William took this picture of Abbey.  He's quite the little photographer and she smiles big for him!  


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