Thursday, April 17

9 Month Update

So Abbey's 9 months old today and since it's been a while since I've posted anything, I figured it was a good time for an update. Abbey's doing wonderfully. She's a great eater, eating anything you put in front of her. She will eat solids 4 times a day, which she needs since she's always on the go. She's starting to check everything out with 1 knee down and 1 foot up, trying to stand all the time! Once she's standing it won't be long until she's walking. She's really a little mover and shaker. She still loves her binky, she's a tall one, already in 12 month clothes and her first and favorite word is "mama." She makes the funniest faces and can be a bit of a corker some days. Oh, and she loves to drink out of William's cup, putting anything down from V8 Splash juice to chocolate milk! She's got her own Disney princess cups just like William's since she couldn't be bothered to make do with the trainer cups. No teeth yet, which maybe is a little slow, since William had some at 7 months, but she's certainly got the drool going on. Once they start popping up, I'm sure they'll all come pretty quickly.

Jonathan's doing fine, just getting through the weeks on dialysis, as miserable as it is. It's hard on all of us and we can't wait for the day until he doesn't have to live off of a machine! We're still in the waiting phase of the transplant process and we're really not sure when we can make it happen. We'll keep you posted though.

I've been super busy with lots of things lately, part of which is making some money on craigslist. I sold over $200 worth in a few days. It was awesome! I've also found some real cool things to buy on there too, like this Mickey TV. It was brand new, still sealed in the box! A grandmother bought it for her granddaughter for Christmas, but they never opened it, because it didn't match their Disney Princess themed room! It was just sitting in their garage! So we got this brand new, CUTE, tv for William's room. I've rearranged in there, so it serves as the kids' playroom too and they will spend hours in there. They love playing together - it's so cute!

The kids and I have had fun being outside in the sun and playing at friends' houses the past few weeks. We even hosted our own playdate this week, which was a lot of fun. William was great sharing his toys and his space. I was very proud of him. Even though he's not sick, he has seen a lot of doctors recently. We are working on getting some more help for him, as I have a feeling (mother's intuition) that there might be more that we need to do for him. When you don't know exactly what's wrong (even though you have a feeling) it's sometimes hard to find the help that's out there. Thankfully, I've been directed to some really good places that have given us resources and support. We also maybe have a new direction to pursue, but as we're in the middle of everything and not totally sure what we're dealing with yet, that's all I'm going to say. Unfortunately, once you put any kind of label out there, even if it turns out not being true, it's hard to forget. We are expecting allergy test results in the next 3 days, so that's our next step in this process.

So, I think that about does it for what's been going on. Here are some recent pictures.

William got his hats down and shared one with Abbey. Of course, they have to be on backwards!
All aboard the William train!
Loving the sunshine!


Angela said...

Oh my word, your kids are cute!
I am beginning to love craigslist too. I sold something and bought something. I did really well selling on ebay too. Now I look around the house for things to sell.

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