Tuesday, March 4

What a weekend!

We went to Lakeland this past weekend, but it wasn't quite the trip we were hoping for. We had intended to have some fun, go to the Strawberry Festival and meet up with old friends. However, William was very sick before we left so we weren't even sure if we should go. Well, his fever came down so we went and by the time we got down there, well actually the next day, Abbey got his bug. She was just not our happy, sweet girl and it was so sad. She was burning up and just inconsolable. We ended up taking her to the E.R. on Sunday, which was a side trip we definitely weren't planning on! That set us back a day, but at least we got some answers and she was on the mend by the time we left.

We still had some good times though! William spent some quality time with Papa while I took Abbey to visit LCS, before she got sick. It was GREAT to see friends and introduce them to Abbey. I think she was a hit! :) We also had a nice dinner with our friends Josh and Sarah and got reacquainted with their daughter, Mallorie, since we hadn't seen her since just after she was born. She was a cutie! :) (Hopefully none of them caught our bug!?) And Nana and Papa spoiled the kids with clothes, toys, medicine & diapers!! Not that they really wanted the last 2, but they needed them and Jonathan and I appreciate them especially!

So despite the sickness, oh, did I mention Gail got sick too...we were glad we went and thankful for all of the blessings that filled our trunk on the way home! And for those of you who we missed this trip, we hope to see you the next time!

Hershey has a new pal!

Here's William contemplating something (don't know what exactly) on the porch.

William took this picture.

Here are the kids with their Easter toys on the way home.


Angela said...

How precious are they?
I'm glad your weekend wasn't a total bust. We missed you at the festival and hope to catch you next time. I can't wait to hear William talk. Maybe you can do a little video?
Hope everyone feels better soon.

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