Monday, March 10

Out with the old and in with the new!

We received a wonderful blessing this week(end). We were given a beautiful leather couch! It came from a family member of some good friends of ours. Yes, we already had a couch of our own, but when you've got an opportunity to get something better (and for free, no less) how can you pass it up?! Jonathan was going to pick up the new couch on Sunday, so we only had a few days to get rid of ours. So we put our big ole' sleeper on Craigslist Friday night and Saturday afternoon we had 3 interested buyers! Jonathan met with the guy in Lake City to get our new couch (which was another blessing that he met us part of the way, since he lives in Jacksonville) and when he got home, the people came to get our couch and we made an even switch! Well, actually we came out a little ahead, since we sold our couch! :) We love this new sofa and we're so thankful to our friends for thinking of us, and to the Lord who constantly blesses us in ways that we could never know!

The old

The new (with William too)


Angela said...

I love the couch. Looks comfy.

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