Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day and other good stuff

Hope everyone is having a good Valentine's Day! Today is going to be a memorable one for us since this is the day that Abbey started crawling - for real! She's been scootching and rolling, but she took off on her knees this morning! I tried to get a video of it, but instead she waved at me - she's a smart little cookie! Our baby girl is getting big and growing up fast!! I'll try to get that video posted later. It feels like I've been on the computer most of the morning. Selling stuff on craigslist is great, but taking pictures, resizing them and then finally posting all of the ads is pretty time consuming! I'm ready for a computer break!

In other news, Jonathan's friend called and said that he's a match as a kidney donor! It was such a wonderful call to get!! We really praise the Lord for the good news. So, the next step is for us to coordinate our schedules with Josh and his family. His wife, Sarah, is expecting another baby in a few weeks, so they have a lot going on in the near future! The surgery isn't going to happen real soon, and that's fine as we have a lot to figure and plan out.

And in other, other, news, William started speech therapy last month and is doing really well with it. A sweet lady comes to our house every Friday morning to work with him. It seems like over the past few months, things just started to click and he's been making real strides ever since. It's so fun to see what new things he comes up with!

So, all kinds of good things happening for us lately. Hope all of you are doing well too!


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