Tuesday, January 8

2008 quick update

Well, we made it to a new year and that's always a good thing. We are optimistic about the future and look forward to many things in this new year. We are hopeful that Jonathan will be able to receive a kidney transplant reasonably soon, providing Josh's evaluation goes well this month. Josh is our friend from Lakeland who is working to become Jonathan's kidney donor. We truly thank God for Josh and his family! Jonathan also recently received a letter saying that he has been activated on the national (deceased donor) transplant list. Getting a kidney from this is highly unlikely to happen any time soon, but if it does, we have to be ready to get to Gainesville at a moment's notice.

We are also preparing to make another move this month. We are happy to be going to a new place as the Lord provided a great place for us. And after many other places falling through on us, we know this is just where we need to be. However, it will be sad to leave the place where Abbey was born. We always get nostalgic driving by Lakeland Regional, where William was born, so I guess we'll have that same feeling driving by Londontown too! Oh well, time moves on...

So, that's about it for now. We've got a lot do over the next few weeks so I'll keep this updated when I can. We will get our new address out to those who need it and since our camera's back, we'll hopefully get some new pictures out too.


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