Monday, December 10

Weekend in Central Florida

This past Saturday was Jonathan's Christmas party for work. It was a beautiful cruise around Tampa Bay on the yacht Starship. We were served wonderful food and it was perfect weather to be outside (even though it's too hot for December). We arrived in Lakeland Friday night and stayed the night at Fallins. Jonathan had dialysis in Lakeland Saturday morning and then when he got back, we left for Tampa and left the kids with the grandparents. It was tough leaving them, especially as this was our first night away from Abbey, but we knew they were in good hands. And they had a good time, going to see a light display with their 2nd cousin Charles. And of course, William had a blast running around the yard and playing with Hershey. He loves Papa's dog! We don't have pictures of the kids' outings, but here are some pictures we took on the cruise.


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