Monday, October 29

A Monkey and a Hot Dog

We went down to Orlando for the weekend to attend Charles Hanke's 1st birthday party. It was a good opportunity to see family and just have some time away from reality, even though reality seems to follow you - like having to get dialysis set up for Jonathan in Orlando before we could make definite plans. So we got down there Friday night and Saturday morning Jonathan's parents came over to spend some time with the grandkids before the party. They gave William and Jonathan their birthday presents too, so that was a bonus for them! BTW, it's Jonathan's birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONATHAN! Then we followed them to Angela & Aaron's house for the party. Let me tell you, Charles is one popular little guy! He had a packed house for his party. It was lots of fun with lots of little ones everywhere. Just about everyone had a toddler, or a toddler and a baby. All of the kids brought costumes too for a big picture together. We found great cosutmes for our kids and we couldn't wait to show them off!
Presents for the boys. Well, Abbey got some stuff too!

It was kinda tough to get a good shot. There were so many people with cameras around, it was like the paparazzi! Plus it decided to downpour as soon as we got everyone out back, so we were all trying to keep dry under the tents! Despite the rain and the chaos, all of the kids and babies were so cute dressed up!

The Birthday Boy!

Mmmm, cake!

New Toys!

Ooooh, cats!

This was William checking out his monkey suit before we left. I think he liked it!

And here's our little hot dog!


Angela said...

Those pictures are awesome. I can't wait to get everyone's pictures from them, since I have like 5 on my camera. I love the hotdog, it's just too cute. Thanks for coming down, it was great to see you all.

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