Wednesday, October 17

Abigail's 3 months old today!

Well our little girl is getting old! Today is her 3-month birthday! And what a joy she is! She's full of smiles, giggles, and is just a sweet little baby. She loves her big brother, a lot. She just lights up when she sees him! She sleeps well at night, giving mommy anywhere from 4 to 7 hours sleep at a time! She's really strong too and constantly tries to sit up. When she lays down, she gets on her side and scootches around in circles. She rolled from her tummy to her back yesterday, but her arm got in the way from letting her go all the way over. It won't be any time before she figures out what to do with that arm!

William is getting older too, of course. It's only a few weeks before he's 2!! He's learning how to go to the potty now, although he doesn't do much once he gets there. That's fine, as we're just taking it real slow. He started out by just wearing the potty seat on his head, so we are making some progress! :)

For whatever reason, it hasn't let me post pictures on here all day - it says that blogger knows there's a problem and they're working on it, so when they get it fixed, I'll post some new pics.


Papa said...

It won't be long before you will be chasing both of them around. We really love the pictures.

Nana & Papa

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