Saturday, September 29

New pictures

We've been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to update the blog. Sorry. That and well, most things aren't very blogworthy lately. Here are some new pictures at least...

Here is baby girl in William's old FSU sleeper. Brings back memories!

William got a new hat and loves it so much he had to wear it for breakfast.

We finally got the crib set up and this was Abbey's first time in it.

Here's William checking on her and thinking that the whole thing looks quite familiar. We put up his old Baby Neptune in there too and he comes and plays the music for her. Notice his hat on backwards - that's how he puts it on himself. It's so funny!

He got into another pair of my old sunglasses - he likes them big! He even wore them to the doctor's office and some college girls in the waiting room said he was very fashionable!

I love this picture - Abbey's got such a great smile. William is so funny too; if sister is lying down somewhere he has to come and lay right next to her. If she's on her tummy, he gets on his tummy too. He really loves his little sister!


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