Thursday, July 5

Daddy's Little Helper

This is William being daddy's little shadow yesterday. He was a good help in the kitchen. He's only in a diaper b/c he was running a huge fever all day.

Yeah, it was another great holiday complete with lots of crying, whining, and cold baths. If you have a child and haven't had the pleasure of giving them a cold bath yet, just wait...they'll love it! ;-) ha ha! William and I had a rough night after Jonathan left for Tampa yesterday. He missed his buddy (all he wanted to do was sit with Jonathan ALL day) and I missed my helper. Thankfully, I had some help today; Mom and Dad came over and let me get a nap while they took care of William. His fever had gone away overnight, but came back this afternoon. I'm not sure what's causing it, I think he's got a sore throat. He actually quit fussing long enough for us to give him a much-needed hair cut. This time I didn't fool with the scissors - I gave him a buzz! He lost a LOT of hair, but Grandpa gave him a nice bath afterwards and got him all cleaned up.

He still didn't feel so good afterwards. This is his poochie lip face - we've seen a lot of it these 2 days!


Aaron & Angela Hanke said...

Maybe he's teething? Glad Jon was able to go back to work. Hope your little girl comes soon. We love you and will be praying for you.

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